We work side by side with people with lived experience. The process is a mutual exchange of skills and ideas.

At the heart of our approach is providing opportunities for people to build skills, explore their identity and express themselves creatively, alongside making a difference with the films and podcasts they make.

We offer dynamic accredited learning where people can document the impact of their journey and develop hands-on experience in community leadership.

journey with us

We incorporate the following outcomes into our practice to support the personal development of the people we work with.


Increased technical and practical skills, and confidence in filmmaking and media.


Increased ability to build connections and find a sense of belonging.


A young person shares their views on camera

Increased ability to discover and express their creativity.


Improved skills for work and further learning.


Improved mental health, wellbeing and sense of self.


A thoughtful person looks out across a countryside scene

Greater personal power and belief that they can make a difference.

trauma-informed approach

The way we work takes into account that the people we meet may have experienced trauma. We provide an ethical process that is person-centered and builds trust.

We protect storytellers from feeling exploited by a ‘re-telling’ of their stories by providing them with tools to apply their lived experience on their own terms.

We support people to decide what they want to share so that they can manage the boundaries and complexities within their own stories before diving into media-making.

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