Media Education – Privacy Policy

Media Education understands that:

  1. Before you collect basic personal information (email addresses, names, financial information, etc.), we need to get clear, unambiguous affirmative consent.
  2. Before collecting sensitive personal information (sexual orientation, health data, political/religious views, etc.), we need to get explicit consent.

Our Policy and Practice is designed to adhere to this.

Media Education CIC has a Confidentiality/Data Protection and Informed Consent Policy.

Our ICO Data Protection Registration Reference is : A8180656.

Media Education will ask for and store written personal information about you or your child / person in your care when consent is given to be in one of our films or audio works. Consent forms will be stored responsibly and the information never passed to third parties without your consent.

We might ask for sensitive personal information if a child or vulnerable adult is attending a project with us and we need to know of any additional support or medical requirements. We will destroy sensitive personal information once a project is completed.

We operate several small databases for those who would like to be informed of future opportunities. These do not contain sensitive information and are updated regularly with personal information destroyed when it is no longer relevant.

This is in keeping with the legal basis for processing the data:

  1. You have given consent for us to use your information for a specified purpose, or
  2. Processing is necessary to protect the interests of the subject

By consenting to this privacy policy you are giving permission for us to process your data for the reasons identified.

Consent is required for us to do this and must be given by you.

Where we are asking for sensitive information we will always tell you why and how it will be used.

You may withdraw your consent at anytime.

Media Education will not pass your data to any third parties without first obtaining your consent.

For more information please contact Shaun Glowa, Data Protection Officer –