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Stockbridge Memories

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An older person in a hat smiles while working in a carpentry workshop STOCKBRIDGE
An older person in a hat smiles while working in a carpentry workshop BEHIND
A young person with a microphone interviews an elderly person
Two elderly people work together to place post-it notes on a hand drawn map
A young person with a microphone interviews an elderly person
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summary of project

In 2017, Media Education partnered with LifeCare Edinburgh to deliver Memories as part of ‘Our Stockbridge’, made possible with funding from the Big Lottery and Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership.

The project developed out of an earlier iteration of the project which we delivered alongside Thankerton Improvement Group in the small village of Thankerton, near Biggar in the Scottish Borders.

our approach

In taking part in the Memories project, schoolchildren from Stockbridge began by interviewing and creating audio recordings of older residents who grew up in the local area between 1920 and 1960. The older residents shared their stories and anecdotes, which the young people then used as inspiration to script their film.

We worked with the young people to gather their recordings, develop their script, and create their film. The pupils created props and costumes, storyboarded and planned their films and then reenacted stories and scenes of life in Stockbridge in order to share, experience and learn about the lives of the older generation in their community.

The young people and older residents came back together with friends, family and members of the public to watch a screening of the film as part of an exhibition of the area’s local history.

“Media Education made the process fun, easy and fulfilling. Our community were central to the development of the idea, the content and the final film that was produced. We would not hesitate working with them again and look forward to future collaborations.”

Georgia Artus, LifeCare Edinburgh
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  • Film Premiere, George Young Hall, Edinburgh
    23rd June 2017
    The Our Stockbridge film was launched at LifeCare Edinburgh to an audience of the general public, friends and families of the local schoolchildren who took part in the project, and the over-60s whose memories an anecdotes inspired the film. The screening was accompanied by an exhibition of Stockbridge’s history and of course- tea and cake!

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