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An older person in a hat smiles while working in a carpentry workshop FLOURISH
Members of Flourish House gather round a table, working together on something out of frame
A member of Flourish House uses a handheld camera and shoulder mount
A member of Flourish House smiles as they give an interview in front of a camera
A staff member from Flourish House washes dishes in a commercial kitchen
A member of Flourish House gives an interview to the camera, they are in an allotment

summary of project

Our work with Flourish House came about after discussions with See Me Scotland. We looked at how we could collaborate to create films that show different perspectives on mental health and help raise the profile of available services. See Me introduced us to the work of Flourish House in Glasgow and the stigma free environment they champion.

Flourish House is a Clubhouse that enables people with mental health difficulties to recover confidence and skills whilst achieving social, financial and vocational goals.

our approach

We discussed with members and staff at Flourish House what makes the Clubhouse model and their ethos special, why it matters and what they achieve together.

We worked closely with a group of members to plan and create a short film that highlights the many different aspects of the Clubhouse model and the impact it has on members’ lives. Throughout the process, the members learned technical skills in camera and sound, interview technique, and skills in planning and developing short form video content.

Following the first project, the members worked with us to create a second film which talks about their Transitional Employment Placement initiative; a way of helping people with mental health difficulties back into the workplace as part of their recovery journey.

The films showcase a vital and forward thinking approach to mental health recovery, and demonstrate the value of our collaborative, co-production approach.


  • ‘See Us Flourish’ Launch Event, Flourish House, Glasgow
    11th September 2019

    See Me and Flourish House together launched ‘See Us Flourish’ to a packed audience of organisations and individuals from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    Flourish members put on a warm welcome, with food and refreshments made by members in the Flourish House Café. The screening was followed by a Q&A session where the audience; members and staff from Flourish House; and See Me discussed the Clubhouse model, the film making process, and the vital need for greater mental health awareness and provision in Scotland.

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