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ENYA: Equality in Education

European Network of Ombudspersons for Children

An older person in a hat smiles while working in a carpentry workshop EQUALITY
An older person in a hat smiles while working in a carpentry workshop BEHIND
A young person uses a camera with a shoulder mount
A young person shares their views, speaking directly to the camera
A young person covers their ears, written on their arm in bold text are the words "LISTEN TO ME"
Three young people hold signs, one reads "All Children Equal"
Two faces of young people from different backgrounds

summary of project

This piece of work was commissioned by the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children, a not for profit association of independent children’s rights institutions who facilitate the protection and promotion of Children’s Rights, as formulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The project sought the views of children and young people across Europe on providing equal opportunities in education; by creating a film to inform professionals in the enhancement of services, practice and policy around Children’s Rights in Europe.

our approach

We worked closely with the offices of Ombudspersons for Children and their Young Advisor groups in six countries, Georgia, France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Scotland.

We used our ‘ImMEDIAte NEWS’ film production and engagement model in co-production with the young advisors, combining an advocacy process with the use of film as an empowerment and development tool. In 1:1 and groups, participants learned how to work together as a team, find common cause, and build the confidence to share and explore their own experiences, finally presenting these using creative filmmaking techniques.

We supported the young people to take the lead in exploring and suggesting improvements based on barriers they have faced. They learned to communicate an effective message to an audience, and skills in storyboarding, scripting, camera, sound and post-production; along with dramatic and expressive arts techniques to demonstrate ideas and arguments.

“A lot of people, with this film that we’re shooting, are going to hear us. They’re going to hear our problems, our thoughts, our opinions, and maybe will do something about it.

They will help us make a better system of education and that’s really important”

Christos, European Network of Young Advisors 2016, Athens
ENOC logo, European Network of Ombudspersons for Children


  • Adult Free Agenda Day, CYPCS Offices, Edinburgh
    11th August 2016

    The ENYA group from Kilmarnock in Scotland prepared a tailored cut of their footage from the Equalities In Education project and presented this to the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland. In conversation with the commissioner, they raised issues around how mental health impacts their education.

  • ENOC 20th Annual Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania
    20th September 2016
    The 31 minute ‘Equal Opportunities in Education’ film and 9 minute behind the scenes webdoc were screened to more than 100 Children’s Ombudspersons and related professionals working in Children’s Rights from 37 European countries.

  • Media Education Showcase Screening, CodeBase, Edinburgh
    20th February 2017

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