Project Description

8th Annual European Alcohol Policy Conference

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems


summary of project

In October 2018, the SHAAP conference brought together a wide variety of people involved in alcohol harm reduction activities at local and national levels across Europe.

SHAAP’s brief to Media Education was to ensure that the focus for delegates remained rooted in the human impacts of alcohol addiction (rather than statistics or other abstractions) and to create new resources for delegates to use in order for them to make arguments for the changes they wished to see (and were achievable) in their own home contexts.

our approach

Prior to the conference, we worked with people whose lives had been impacted by alcohol and alcohol addiction to create a series of lived experience films that would provide a powerful stimulus for the start of each of the plenary themes; Justice, Health, Gender, Economics, Recovery and Youth.

We also wanted to provide a means for delegates to take part in a participatory video process at the conference itself and be able to present their own views on film. We trained teams of people with lived experience of alcohol addiction to create films with delegates at the conference to share their views and insights on film.

These messages became stand-alone assets for use by delegates in their home contexts. Delegates were free to select and insert their choice of films into presentations, creating a valuable and versatile set of resources. Over 40 film assets were created for this purpose.

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