Making Memories in Thankerton

From seeing how many people we could fit into a car, to putting tar made out of golden syrup and coal on our feet. It’s all been happening in Thankerton with Media Education.

Young People in Thankerton have been out recording the town’s elders talking about what it was like for them growing up in the area, as part of the Memories Project funded by Heritage Lottery.

We got some great tales of how they used to get tar on their feet from the new roads and how they could see the blitz in Glasgow from the railway bridge. This last week we have been making a film with the young people re-enacting some of these memories and getting a feel for how the village has changed over the years. After a great shoot we are now getting the edit underway so we can show the films in the village hall in March.

Once the films are finished we will have them on our website with the accompanying recordings of the stories.

Watch this space!