Guest Post – Ollie Smart

Ollie has been with us on our work experience programme for a week now. He has helped to develop our new community project imMEDIAte NEWS and even starred in the project’s very first short film. He has also been part of the Festival Radio Scotland team who are preparing for their ‘See Us Live’ radio shows every Saturday throughout the Fringe Festival.  Check out Ollie’s imMEDIAte NEWS film above and read about his experience of the week.

imMEDIAte NEWS and Festival Radio Scotland

imMEDIAte NEWS, the latest project by Media Education, is a unique service which is open to the local community of the Gorgie/Dalry area of Edinburgh. The premise of the project is to give individuals in our local community a voice and opportunity to inform others of an issue, passion or something they may feel strongly about when they may not have the means to convey their issue in any other way. imMEDIAte NEWS is unique to each person who takes part, and, due to the wide variety of people who get involved, the end result is a unparalleled project with a large breadth of different issues and, as it says in the title, imMEDIAte NEWS to the local community.

One of my greatest passions and interests which I used for my involvement in imMEDIAte NEWS is the creation of a new skatepark in Edinburgh which is currently lacking anywhere near an appropriate amount of parks for the large number of skaters in Edinburgh. Until recently, the much loved Bristo Square, situated in the centre of the city, was the ultimate street skating hub in the city with Saughton skatepark being the only other place allocated for skaters in Edinburgh. However, Bristo Square has now been closed for the development of an Edinburgh University building resulting in the home of street skating being completely redeveloped and destroyed making the spot completely redundant for skaters. Now, with Saughton being the only real place for skaters in Edinburgh to go, many are starting to campaign for the build of a new park in Scotland’s capital city. One of these areas where a petition has begun to take shape is in my community of Portobello where a new park would be a brilliant investment into what is already a vibrant and enjoyable community.

When asked to take part in imMEDIAte NEWS I felt that this project could be used as a great platform to voice my passion for skating and, at the same time, convey the irritation of many towards the lack of suitable spots for skaters in Edinburgh. imMEDIAte NEWS is a quick, concise and straight to the point way of allowing the people of Edinburgh to express themselves and inform others of an aspect of their lives which, undoubtably, will affect others too.

In this year’s Edinburgh Festival which commences in August, Media Education are putting on two shows for the duration of the Festival – ‘Festival Radio Scotland’, which involves young people exploring how radio is made partnered with both live and pre-recorded interviews and music, and ‘Oliver Suddon’, a show for adults 16+ which is hosted by Oliver Suddon, a comedian and broadcaster, who hosts and evening of comedy and music including some of the most talented performers in the Fringe. During my work experience placement at Media Education, along with creating the ImMEDIAte NEWS film, I have been assembling a list of potential acts to be interviewed for the shows Media Education are putting on – ‘Festival Radio Scotland’ and ‘Oliver Suddon’. The process I have gone through to select appropriate acts for the shows has been searching through acts in the Fringe programme and then, through YouTube, auditioning them virtually to make a judgement as to whether the content of their shows is both suitable, entertaining and interesting for the audience at our shows.

– Ollie Smart

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