Guest Post – Calin on Work Experience

Calin has spent several months with us on a work experience placement, as part of his fourth year studies at Edinburgh Napier University. The film above is one that Calin was involved in during his time at Media Education, where he assisted on the shoot and edited the film.

Media Education Internship April-June 2016

I have spent the last few months on placement with Media Education as part of a 4th year University module. Having an interest in freelance filming and documentary making, this was the ideal company for me to gain vital skills and experience of the industry.

From my time with Media Education I have been able to work beside and assist the company with many interesting projects. The short documentaries that I helped to work on took me to interesting places such a farm, primary schools and even a project working with young fathers in prison. I have been lucky enough to work with their skilled staff and contacts to improve my professional skills in the workplace.

I was able to work on many aspects of their projects from planning and filming through to editing and delivering the end product. This was great as it felt like I was actually working within a company, which is ideal as I am going into my 4th year of university and will be looking to apply for industry jobs next year. The staff are really professional and were very helpful when I was confused or had any questions. Observing how well the staff work and interact with young people has been an invaluable experience. Iain and his team are really friendly with people and definitely know how to help them tell their story through media.

Since working with the company I have vastly improved my production skills and workflow when producing videos. My editing and organisation skills have improved significantly. The company has efficient ways of working and is very well organised and I seek to replicate their workflow into my future projects. All the members of staff have an important role within the team and it was great to be involved and to observe how such a company operates. I was also given the chance to work with East Lothian Council and a freelance film maker (Graeme O’Hara) at two primary schools to film promotional videos which was a great experience. The shoots went really well and Graeme has since asked me to work with him on his next video project which involves a unicyclist on the Glenfinnan viaduct!

My internship with Media Education has enabled me to make real contacts within the industry and I am definitely lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with them.

Getting an internship nowadays can be tough in such a competitive industry. I applied to several film companies for a placement, however Media Education was the only company to get back to me and welcome me into their team. The staff are amazing and I really admire the work they do for community projects and organisations.

The experience has been invaluable.

Thanks for having me!